Latest Food Trend Alert: Sushi Burgers

Sushi Burger?? What in the world is that thing?? Does that even exists in this world??

Basically, those are the few things that immediately popped out in my mind the moment I heard about the so called “Sushi Burgers.” I’m guessing your reaction is the same too.

Sushi Burger in an interesting fusion of American staple and classic Japanese cuisine, replacing the burger bun to sticky rice. This food can be mixtures of varieties of flavour, colour, and texture. It can range from incorporating salmon to chicken katsu to avocado to all sorts of vegetables.


This sushi burger incorporates raw salmon, smoked bacon, salmon eggs, and a sauce with mint, basil, garlic, and yogurt, plus a sprinkle of black sesame, basil leaves, and balsamic cream.


This sushi burger features spicy salmon, avocado and some salad leaves


This sushi burger incorporates fried chicken katsu fills the center of this mouthwatering rendition.


This vegan sushi burger is piled with shredded teriyaki jackfruit (in place of chicken), avocado, pickled ginger, vegan mayonnaise, and red cabbage.


This vegan sushi burger features teriyaki “chick’n,” kale, slaw, avocado, and vegan mayonnaise.


This sushi burger features spicy tuna, avocado, cucumbers, and oshinko between grilled rice “buns” topped with seaweed.


This rainbow sushi burger includes vegetable rainbow rice, avocado, and tofu.

From all of these mouthwatering photos, I guess it’s going to be worth trying after all 🙂

Comment your favorite kind of sushi burger!


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