Most Popular Food Trend Right Now: Raclette

CAN YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT??? W O W! Those cow’s milk cheese that is melted and poured over veggies, charcuteries, meats, and potatoes – right in front of you!!! It just looks amazing, and I love it (I know you guys love it too — and probably drooling right now). This is seriously one of the best things anyone can try.

By the way, Raclette is a name derived from “racler,” French for “to scrape off,” and it refers to a type of cheese as well as a type of cheese presentation.

Raclette NYC serves raclette, a traditional dish of melted Alpine cheese, including other types of cheeses. The cheese wheels are heated until bubbles are forming, then scraped onto platters right in front of you.

Personally, I haven’t tried the cheese itself before. But because of all these drooling photos, I BADLY want to try it. It just looks so scrumptious!


It’s absolutely a cheese lover’s dream.

Comment down below on what you think about this most popular food trend right now! 🙂