Most Popular Food Trend Right Now: Raclette

CAN YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT??? W O W! Those cow’s milk cheese that is melted and poured over veggies, charcuteries, meats, and potatoes – right in front of you!!! It just looks amazing, and I love it (I know you guys love it too — and probably drooling right now). This is seriously one of the best things anyone can try.

By the way, Raclette is a name derived from “racler,” French for “to scrape off,” and it refers to a type of cheese as well as a type of cheese presentation.

Raclette NYC serves raclette, a traditional dish of melted Alpine cheese, including other types of cheeses. The cheese wheels are heated until bubbles are forming, then scraped onto platters right in front of you.

Personally, I haven’t tried the cheese itself before. But because of all these drooling photos, I BADLY want to try it. It just looks so scrumptious!


It’s absolutely a cheese lover’s dream.

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The Next Big Thing: Ice Cream Ramen

Have you heard anything about ice cream ramen?? Does that food even exists in this world?? It’s just like you can only see that (and probably eat that) in your dream.

I’ve been seeing so many posts, articles, images, and videos about this. I guess that’s one sign that IT IS DEFINITELY REAL.

These so called “ice cream ramen” are not literally the ice cream that all know. They are also called as “ice stream” because it looks like a stream of water. It’s made from kanten (aka agar) noodles, traditional Japanese jelly noodles made from algae.  Over a bowl, evaporated milk is being poured, then crushed ice (this mixture is what they mean when they said the “ice cream ramen”),  then the mochi balls, frozen cantaloupe balls, and mango chunks come next. AND THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS. POURING OF THE MAGIC NOODLES. It would be more amazing when you see them doing it live hahaha. In addition, they give you a peach syrup to give contrast to the flavor of the ice cream ramen.




This is Emi Boscamp, the writer of this article. You can see that she’s actually eating it, so i guess it’s a sign that it really exists.

Dessert Kitchen's ramen ice cream


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Latest Food Trend Alert: Sushi Burgers

Sushi Burger?? What in the world is that thing?? Does that even exists in this world??

Basically, those are the few things that immediately popped out in my mind the moment I heard about the so called “Sushi Burgers.” I’m guessing your reaction is the same too.

Sushi Burger in an interesting fusion of American staple and classic Japanese cuisine, replacing the burger bun to sticky rice. This food can be mixtures of varieties of flavour, colour, and texture. It can range from incorporating salmon to chicken katsu to avocado to all sorts of vegetables.


This sushi burger incorporates raw salmon, smoked bacon, salmon eggs, and a sauce with mint, basil, garlic, and yogurt, plus a sprinkle of black sesame, basil leaves, and balsamic cream.


This sushi burger features spicy salmon, avocado and some salad leaves


This sushi burger incorporates fried chicken katsu fills the center of this mouthwatering rendition.


This vegan sushi burger is piled with shredded teriyaki jackfruit (in place of chicken), avocado, pickled ginger, vegan mayonnaise, and red cabbage.


This vegan sushi burger features teriyaki “chick’n,” kale, slaw, avocado, and vegan mayonnaise.


This sushi burger features spicy tuna, avocado, cucumbers, and oshinko between grilled rice “buns” topped with seaweed.


This rainbow sushi burger includes vegetable rainbow rice, avocado, and tofu.

From all of these mouthwatering photos, I guess it’s going to be worth trying after all 🙂

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